My first college story

Or rather this post could be titled, “My first college story (that I’m proud to call my own).” I have now written four stories for the student-run paper at Mizzou, The Maneater.  Although I am happy with the results of the first three stories, I am definitely most proud of a piece I wrote called, “Art for Autism Exhibit and Sale raises money for local organization.” 

For the story, I went to an art gallery the night of the Art for Autism Exhibit and Sale. I talked to a number of parents and participants in the show and couldn’t include all of the interviews in my story. I loved getting to experience the story first hand. For this story, simply calling sources on the phone would not have been enough. It’s hard to describe the looks on the faces of the kids who had art in the show. They were so proud to see there work hung up and displayed for all to see. The parents were equally proud. So many smiles filled the art gallery that night.

In telling the story, I got to be a reporter and activist all in one. I reported on the incredible talents of these kids and raised awareness about a great cause. I can’t wait for another opportunity to write about another story with a lot of heart.


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