An internship by chance

I never thought I would dread a break from school until I got to college. But after a wonderful first semester, a five-week-long winter break was the last thing I wanted. Five weeks has never felt so long. At the beginning of the break, I tried to come up with activities to fill my time. Along with journalism, one of my interests includes volunteer work. I am a mentor back at school, and so it seemed fitting to pursue volunteer work while back in Kansas City – I didn’t think that pursuit would lead to an internship of sorts.

I emailed a couple of area charity organizations to find out about volunteer opportunities. Reach Out and Read Kansas City, an organization that pairs with doctors to promote child literacy and provide books to children at check up visits, responded to me quickly. They didn’t need any more volunteers for the season, but they did need help with communications work (I guess my email signature that mentions my journalism work at Mizzou helped me out). The opportunity sounded great to me, so over break on Wednesdays and Fridays, I have been helping the organization with communication and PR work. I was so excited to have stumbled upon the opportunity to help a wonderful charity and add to my skill set at the same time!

A postcard I made for Reach Out and Read Kansas City’s upcoming book drive.
Page one of the draft of the monthly newsletter I designed
(within the confines of their already established fonts and design).
Page two of the same newsletter.

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