Final project thoughts


Today a group of two other journalism students and I presented our final project for our Multimedia class. We were tasked to create a video piece, audio piece, photo gallery and text story that centered around one topic. Our group was then required to create a website for the project using either WordPress or Wix.

For the last several weeks, my group has been shadowing a band called Tidal Volume for the project. The band has been a lot of fun to follow this last month or so. They already have one recorded album out and are in the process of producing an EP to be released next Spring. Three of the band’s five members live in Columbia and are University of Missouri students. Although we had some challenges getting visuals for the project (see my last post), overall I think our project came together well. Granted, this project may not rival that of a professional website, but I feel like our project captures an interesting story about a young band trying to get a break.

I ended up writing the text story and taking some of the pictures for the final story. I was able to take what I had learned earlier in the semester and apply it during the project. I still get a bit nervous operating a camera, for example, but I feel like I would be comfortable taking photos for a publication if I needed to.

As a continue to take more advanced journalism classes- I will be taking a more advanced class called Convergence Reporting next semester- I feel like I will only be better able to market myself as a communicator. While having a specialty in journalism is important, many of my professors and past colleagues have emphasized how invaluable people who can “do it all” are.

This summer, I had an internship at Union Station in Kansas City. I primarily helped promote an event called Maker Faire by blogging and using social media. I tried my best to cover the event with the tools I had, my smartphone. I took point-and-shoot pictures and some quick videos of the event on my phone for the event’s Facebook page. I am proud of the communication work I did over the summer, but I am so glad to have gained more advanced skills that I can bring to a future internship or job. I can now confidently say that I could produce quality journalism and promotion materials across platforms including text, video, audio and photo. I can’t wait to utilize those skills.


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