Vlog review: Huffington Post Live

I lived without a TV for a year and a half in college. I only just recently bought a TV, mostly at my parents’ insistence. Video blogs on YouTube (also Netflix and Hulu), particularly make TVs seem like a non-essential item, especially for people of my generation.

This week in my emerging media class, we are exploring different styles of video blogs with the hope of making our own vlogs about media trends in the weeks to come. I started watching vlogs more regularly when I came to Mizzou and heard more and more about the Columbia-based video aggregation website Newsy. 

I decided to explore other news-esque type blogs this week to see how they might compare to a site like Newsy which has found great success through its video news techniques. Huffington Post Live is a good example of a site that is engaging its audience through vlogging. Each of HuffPost Live’s videos  feature a reporter sitting in what looks like a newsroom, summarizing a news event or presenting previous reporting in the video.

HuffPost Live on YouTube is the main platform for the videos being produced. Viewers can digest a short bit of news present in a more casual way than a formal newscast. While Newsy integrates information from multiple sources, and puts it into one video, Huffington Post does original reporting, but in a similar casual style. The background of a busy newsroom seems to be popular in news vlogs.

For the typical millennial, the setting gives the videos a credible feel without the commitment of watching a half hour long newscast. The audience for these style of videos is definitely regular news consumers in their 20s and 30s. While this style is highly engaging for a younger generation, I doubt the Huffington Post has nearly as many middle-aged viewers.

Overall, I think this style of vlog targets a specific audience well. In my own vlog, I would like to include casual reporter narration paired with other sources and videos possibly.


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