Intersections that matter: an introduction to my Convergence Reporting blog

Up until this point, there have not been any journalism majors at the University of Missouri to “officially” graduate with an entrepreneurship minor. This is not to say that absolutely no journalism majors have pursued the minor, but rather that the journalism school has never worked specifically with students to help them earn the minor. The college of business has an official guide sheet advising their students on acceptable courses for the minor, for example, but the journalism school, until recently, had no such sheet.

Last fall my advisor suggested I talk to Associate Dean Lynda Kraxberger about my interest in the minor. Now a few months later, the journalism school is close to approving a guide sheet which would make it much easier for journalism students to earn the minor in less credit hours.

I am excited for the guide sheet, but I am even more excited for the coming intersection of entrepreneurship and journalism at Mizzou.

Intersections are important. They represent collaboration and creativity, and most importantly they spark innovation. Economist Joseph Schumpeter, who was also famous for his theories on entrepreneurship, touches on the importance of distinguishing innovation from what already exists.

“Our assumption is that he who makes new combinations is an entrepreneur.” -Joseph Schumpeter

For journalists in particular, it is increasingly important to be an “entrepreneur” of storytelling opportunities. To see the world and its people in new combinations in order to provide the accurate story, to question the status quo and to foster an audience.

In the coming weeks I will continue to blog about any topic that interests me, but I will primarily be exploring the intersection of entrepreneurship, technology and journalism for my Convergence Reporting class. In my coursework as well, I am exploring these topics through my Convergence Reporting, Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship and Emerging Media class.

Through this exploration, I hope to gain a better understanding of audience engagement, cross disciplinary collaboration, new media, journalism business models and multimedia.

I hope that this examination will illuminate me to new combinations in journalism. This semester I am exploring my inner entrepreneur, and I invite you to do the same.


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