Hello, my name is Sarah Darby, and I am a junior convergence journalism major and  entrepreneurship and Spanish minor at the University of Missouri.

I have been interested in technology and digital media since my early beginnings as editor-in-chief of the JagWire newspaper in high school where I helped launch the publication’s website. In college, I further pursued these interests as social media coordinator for Maker Faire KC in summer 2013. In fall 2013, I also began work as a student editor and contributor for Silicon Prairie News, an online publication which covers technology and entrepreneurship news in the Midwest.

In spring 2014, I produced multimedia content every week for my Convergence Reporting class. I used those skills this summer atMissouri Business Alert as a beat and multimedia reporter. This school year I will serve as co-social media coordinator for ONA Mizzou, and this fall I will be interning at La Curandera, an online cultural magazine in Buenos Aires.

I hope to combine my journalism, entrepreneurship and international studies experience by one day working for a start-up company, non-traditional newsroom or non-profit with a social entrepreneurship focus. I am always exploring the intersection of technology and journalism in order to engage audiences in new and innovative ways.


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