Silicon Prairie News (February 2014)

For the duration of the fall 2103 semester, I wrote weekly articles for an online publication called Silicon Prairie News that covers entrepreneurship, technology and business news. In spring of 2014, the managing editor of the publication asked me and the one other Columbia-based writer to create promotional material for the publication. The work we did in the fall went well, and the editor wants us to recruit more members for our team. I created a postcard design to promote the writing opportunity.


Reach Out and Read Kansas City (December 2012)

During the winter break of my freshman year, I was interested in volunteering for a non-profit organization that worked with children. I soon contacted Reach Out and Read, an organization that pairs with local medical clinics to provide books to and promote literacy for children in Kansas City.

The organization was not looking for reading volunteers at the time, but they knew that I was a journalism major and asked if I would be interested in helping with promotion. I was very excited to have the opportunity to use my journalism skills in a non-profit setting. During my winter break I volunteered three days a week at Reach Out and Read in Kansas City. I ran the organization’s social media accounts for that time and helped the organization restructure its volunteer schedules using Google calendar. During my time I also created these two promotional materials using InDesign. I would love to work in communications for a non-profit some day so the opportunity was perfect for me.



Speaking of Culture Lecture Series (Fall 2013)

This year, I am taking a one credit hour honors course which helps plan a monthly lecture series called Speaking of Culture. The MU Honor College hosts the series at a really hip art gallery called Orr Street Studios in Columbia, Mo. Below are two postcards I created to help advertise the event.

NEW Dining Hall postcard


The JagWire (2009-2012) and The Maneater (August 2012-present)

In high school I was primarily a reporter for the school newspaper, the JagWire. After I took a class on InDesign my sophomore year, my interest in design grew. I designed a page or two in nearly every issue of the JagWire. Since coming to college, I have also designed several pages for the Maneater paper. Below are a couple of example page designs.


Page design for the JagWire newspaper in December 2010


Page design for the Maneater in October 2012


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